Spuyten Duyvil Sunset, aka, When did my old stomping grounds become a J.M.W. Turner painting?

Time compresses the memories of an old favorite place, so that when that familiar place is revisited after a long absence, it appears foreign and new to us.

When we try to recapture the past experience of that place, we fail… beacause that experience never existed. The image that we’ve constructed in our mind — the image held in a series of neural connections that we’ve dissolved and rebuilt repeatedly over the years — cannot match reality.

Spuyten Duyvil Sunset

Instead, look specifically for the differences — and delight in those differences.

Find beauty in how this place is NOT exactly as we remember it.

The biggest difference will probably rest in the fact that we, the observers, have changed.

Yes, Thomas Wolfe was right. We can’t go home again.

But if we’re open to change, open to difference, then we can build a newer, more beautiful home… right on top of the old foundations.


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