Hey, Sol Sistere

Up here in the northern hemisphere of our planet, the sun appears to be standing still in the sky.

It’s the summer solstice. This means that daylight hours — which up until now were getting longer and longer — are about to get shorter and shorter.

I like to think of this as the sun’s annual mid-life crisis.

..because after all, here at the Meme Menagerie, everything is a metaphor.

The Pivot Point

There is something about a solstice — where the things appear to slow down, getting ready to turn a corner — that reminds me of the concept of Kairos and Flow, that ideal moment where a person is able to seize the moment.

All the work done up until that point in time has given the person a better perspective, a better instinct for making swift, confident decisions. Once a person turns the corner of experience, things get a lot easier.

Costly Signals of Youth

Some of my recent work in executive coaching has given me a renewed appreciation for the challenges of a youthful-looking-and/or-sounding individual to be accepted and promoted by more senior leaders.  Them older folk, they aren’t dazzled by analytical brilliance or feats of technical prowess. They look for grace and gravitas… both the grey hair AND the battle scars.

People with a youthful-sounding voice or a youthful-looking face must contend with the discrimination due to aposematism… that is to say, the way people use certain physiological or stylistic features (whiter hair, deeper voice, succinctness) as proxies for other things (trustworthiness, depth of experience, certainty). By sending the “wrong” signals, an up-and-coming executive’s confidence and enthusiasm may be viewed by their elders as a brittle facade of bravado put up by an impatient whelp.

But then, this wasn’t supposed to be a commercial for my executive coaching services.

No, this is a metaphor about the sun and the turning of the seasons.

We’re Just Getting Started

The best part of a summer solstice is this:  While the daylight hours may now be starting to shrink, things have just started to heat up… and the growing season has barely begun.

We’ve still got a long way to go, before we can reap what we’ve sown…

..and after the harvest, we’ll set things up for the next cycle, next year.

Literally, metaphorically, and everything in-between.


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