Optimism Drives Architecture

“Optimism is what drives architecture forward. It’s the only profession where you have to believe in the future.

You can be an general, a politician, an economist who is depressed, a musician in a minor key, a painter in dark colors, but architecture is that complete ecstasy that the future can be better… and it is that belief that I think drives society.

And today we have a kind of evangelical pessimism all around us, and yet it is in times like this that I think architecture can thrive with big ideas. Ideas that are not small.

Think of the great cities. Think of the Empire State Building, the Rockefeller Center. They were built in times that were not really the best of times in a certain way… and yet that energy and power of architecture has driven an entire social and political space that these buildings occupy.”

– Daniel Libeskind

The above quote was taken from this speech… if you can hang on and catch it:

His presentation mirrors his architecture.


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