U.S. Presidential Debate: Presentation Skills Critique, Debriefing

“Okay Barack, thank you for that. You demonstrated good poise there, which conveyed a sense of Calm and Control. That said, I wonder how you could raise the energy level a bit — when you walked onstage you owned the room and Connected, but it seemed like standing behind the podium dampened your energy and Presidential aura. We’re going to work on vocal modulation, projection, gestures and filler language. These will allow you to convey greater Command and Confidence. Good use of eye contact, and I like how you rolled with the ‘Obamacare’ jibe. Let’s see how we can get rid of those uh’s and transfer some of that opening energy into the discussion.”

“Mitt, nicely done. Great gesturing and vocal modulation, and excellent use of structure and enumeration, which made you come across as well-prepared and confident. Good blend of well-rehearsed and improvised language including humor and using the room’s props – Jim Lehrer and the Constitution backdrop – as visual aids. Let’s see what we can do to further vary the types of gestures you use, such as illustrative gestures and loosen up  your posture, movement and facial expression when initially stepping out onto stage. You owned the “Competent Challenger” persona, and in the next debate I’d like you to try “Inspired Challenger” or even “President Elect.” What would you need to do to get there?”

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