Why I’m Ambivalent about Khan Academy

This semester at the UMass Boston Instructional Design graduate program, a number of us are studying blended learning environments.

Here is one person’s take on what “blended learning” means — and this person is Sal Kahn:

(HT EllenS)

There are a number of ideas in this video that I’d like to write about… (..wait,  I *have* written about it, though most of it sits somewhere within the walled garden of some UMB M.Ed INSDSG online discussion group… either that, or it’s in a draft blog post (there are more of those than I’d care to admit)) ..but, for today, I’d like to focus on one thought in particular:

I think Khan Academy is wonderful. I just wish he would end more of his videos with a series of open questions, for the student’s additional consideration and/or discussion.  

What do you think?

(Don’t worry, here in the Meme Menagerie, where there aren’t 4+ million viewers, there’s no pressure. You can consider the question rhetorical)


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