Hiding and Seeking Motivators, Values and Needs

Developing a good business relationship (and for that matter, developing a good non-business relationship) with people (including ourselves) is largely a matter of playing a game of hide and seek.

Looking Into the Thicket

We hide our true needs from others, and sometimes even ourselves.

These needs are hidden in a thicket of complex (and often conflicting) beliefs, values and motivators.

The experienced player is able to intuit and satisfy those needs, without necessarily announcing out loud the hiding place.

Looking Into the Thicket II

In other words, the experienced player plays well, and doesn’t ruin the game.


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  1. It should be noted: The idea of ‘not announcing the hiding place’ doesn’t apply as often in the client-consultant relationship, where the professional’s role is less participatory, and more diagnostic in nature. Here, the experienced player will help the person identify and clearly articulate the needs, as well as all the various hiding places… and yet, even there, there is such a thing as being delicate and gracious.

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