Almost-but-not-quite-Spring: 12 Thoughts on Clean-up, Leadership, Tough Love and Patience

(experimental photo-essay, using chiastic structure)

A - Time to Clean Up

#1 — Winter’s blanket recedes to reveal remnants of Fall and the Summer before it. The calendar says Spring. We can’t wait to get to work and start cleaning up.

B - Time to Simplify

#2 — To lead means to accept the temporary nature of things on the ground. Take command and clear out the clutter. Do not hesitate making room for new growth. Simplify.

D - Spring Strongly Sprouting Through The Thatch

#3 — Yesterday these future flowers stormed up through the icy ground. They wasted no time getting to work, growing.

E - Spring Strongly Sprouting Through The Thatch

#4 — Taking command, this one pays the price and catches the sun.

F - Ground Cover

#5 — What they say is that we should take care and clear the ground, give it some love, and the natural leaders will emerge.

I - Walking Onion

#6 — Tough Love. What they say is that some caretakers aren’t wired for affection. If a plant can grow on its own, great. They may recommend being self-sufficient, pushy and unaccepting of help, preferring to show no weaknesses.

J - Daffodil vs Oak

#7 — Love Tough. What I see is that some plants are wired to be great, despite a lack of care and affection. They are self-sufficient, yet they prefer to grow together with others. What I recommend is to offer help and push through shared weaknesses challenges.

K - Yellow Crocus

# 8 — What I see clearly, and what I love about a crocus, is that it’s a natural leader, emerging from the ground without a care.

L - White Crocus

#9 — Catch it while you can — its saffron commands a high price.

M - White Crocus

#10 –Tomorrow its flowers may be covered in ice, when a final storm comes through. Nevertheless, its work is done, its efforts not wasted… and it will continue to grow in the background.

N - Iris vs Snow

#11 — To lead means to take command without hesitation. Move forward on the ground and keep growing, despite temporary set-backs. It’s that simple.

O - Snow Blanket

#12 — The calendar says Spring, and soon it will be Summer. Even still, Winter’s blanket has fallen again. We can be patient… soon we’ll get to work and start cleaning up.


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