5k @ 21:25 — Stronger, Faster, Better

Didn’t realize it at first, but it turns out I reached a goal today:  I ran a 5k road race with a pace of less than 7 minutes per mile.

2013 5k @21.25My overall timing was 21 minutes, 25 seconds, aka, a 6:53 pace.  Unlike my first 5k road race a few years ago, where I came in 17th place @ 23:29… this time @21:25 I came in… um, yeah… 16th place.

Yes, there was quite a faster and stronger group, here in this race.

CORRECTION:  The final published times differed from the print out at the race… they added 2 seconds to my timing, for 21:27 total, 6:54 pace… gee, some people can be soooo analytically competitive… 

Happily, I came in 3rd place for the (*ahem*)  30-39 age bracket.

Guess I’ll soon be making some room for the other folks in this age bracket.


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My blog is at: http://danspira.com. My face in real life appears at a higher resolution, although I do feel pixelated sometimes.

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  1. We’d like some proof, say a link to finishing times… we want to make sure that you didn’t pull a Rosie Ruiz (http://www.runnersworld.com/rt-miscellaneous/rosie-ruiz-tries-steal-boston-marathon).

    • Posted finishing times are text-only. Who is to say I didn’t have a stunt double run that race for me?

      Anyway, to your other point: No, we’re not comparing or competing. We’re just trying to determine who is the fastest Spira, that’s all. 🙂

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