Sowing the Seeds of Potential

Yesterday morning, I woke up and wondered if I should cancel some side-project / networking meetings that I had set up for later in the day, because I already had so much to do… so much on my overflowing plate.  I really didn’t have the time to be starting any other pursuits, let alone be out there sowing the seeds of potential.

IMG_6215 - yin yang diagonal - medres

Then I read a headline about how UK scientists and the BBC put together a concept plan for sending humans on a return-trip to Mars.

That’s right, we haven’t quite figured out how we’re going to live on this planet, but anyway, let’s send some people to start digging up ice deposits on Mars so they can burn it as rocket fuel.

This is human nature… or rather, all of nature.

We survive and flourish by testing the waters constantly, by exploring new possibilities, by sowing the seeds of potential into the small moments of opportunity that present themselves, like the DANdelion™ Effect of a plant growing in cracks of a sidewalk.

Conditions will never be ideal… don’t let it stop you from growing anyway.

IMG_6217 - yin yang straight - medres

IMG_6220 - nature wins


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