5 Fitness Tips for Busy Businesspeople

Regular exercise is the secret weapon of almost all the senior executives and high performing business people that I meet… and it’s a pattern of behavior that I’ve personally adopted and stuck to.

People often ask:  “With everything on your plate, how can you afford to make time for the gym?”

My answer: “I can’t afford NOT to go to gym.”

Finding the time to exercise can be a challenge with a busy schedule. However, setting aside the time to exercise better enables a person to tackle a busy schedule more effectively… and with less physical, mental and emotional burnout.

If you haven’t already gotten onto the metaphorical-and-actual exercise treadmill, how to get started?

Here are 5 proven tips:

1. Whenever possible —WALK!

The average person should aim for 10,000 steps a day, or about 30 minutes of walking. Heavier cardiovascular and resistance exercise is important; however, do not underestimate the power of walking. Bonus — Try power walking. This may sound obvious, but most people tend to forget to speed up. Power walking is both better for you, and you get to where you are going faster.

2. Exercise Two Birds with One Stone

Those who know me know me well know that I’m a big fan of killing as many birds as possible with single, small, well-placed projectiles. Bring your laptop with you on a treadmill, and catch up on reading some reports while walking, or even just sketch some ideas on a notepad. Some people do get nauseous while walking and reading, but if you don’t this is a great opportunity to do work and workout.

3. Calf Raises

While you’re killing birds, raise some calves. This is a very simple exercise for your calves. Simply raise yourself up on the balls of your feet, and then repeat this sixty times. This exercise is simple, and can often catch people off guard on how much it can hurt the next day. So starting slow would be a good idea. The great thing about this exercise is you can do it anywhere you are standing! Perhaps you’re waiting for an elevator, waiting in line, or even walking. You can combine just about anything with an exercise if you take the time to think about it.

4. Flexing

Did you know that flexing your muscles can actually build up your muscles? It is by no means better than weights, but if you are sitting at your desk try it out! This exercise requires a little discretion for the simple reason that you do not want to look like an idiot. It isn’t hard to hide it, no one is going to notice that you are flexing your abs underneath your suit, so give it a try.

5. Resistance training

Before weight lifting became popular, all the athletes and body builders used a type Resistance training method. The idea is to hold up a weight for as long as you can. Then repeat this processes but for longer intervals each time. Bring a 5-10 pound weight with you to work; anytime you only need one hand, hold the weight straight out with the other.

Which of these could you do more often?

What other tips do you recommend?

Check out the next post in this series: How often and how much should one exercise?


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  1. Hello Brocejake,

    This is such a great post! Thank you very much for sharing this. Thank you for sharing these 5 fitness tips for busy business people. Yes, finding the time to exercise can be a challenge with a busy schedule. But we should always remember that health is wealth. So we need to exercise to be healthy and fit.


  2. Thanks George! There are so many articles about staying healthy, but not many of these are directed to the busy business people. Business people often neglect their bodies and all their hard earned money is suddenly all going to medical bills.

    “The greatest wealth is health.” ~Virgil



  3. Particularly when my laptop was slowing to its inevitable death-crawl and pages were taking forever to load I would pick up the two plastic 2-liter bottles of water at my feet and start a mini weightlifting session. True they were only a few pounds each but they were enough to wake up my muscles and keep me feeling alert. I have a new laptop now but still find moments for those water bottles.

    I did some slow, Tai-Chi-esque stuff with those bottles but never tried the resistance idea you suggest. Now I will. Because hey, you can never have too much fun with a couple of water bottles!

    Good stuff Jake, thanks.

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