The Cure for Air Turbulence Jitters: Skydiving

A friend suggested that I try skydiving.

Because, you know, that’s the sort of thing one does when visiting New Zealand, right?

Well, my mind was made up after a short experience of massive turbulence during the flight into Australia about ten days before. “If it’s gonna be that kinda party…” I thought to myself, might as well embrace the air stream fully.  It made perfect poetic sense.

Besides, for a first sky dive, I would simply do the tandem option.  Get some dude strapped to my back and have him operate the parachutes… if I go, he goes.

Suffice to say, it was the kind of thing that initially felt way outside my comfort zone…

Dan Tandem Jump 1

..sitting on the edge of a metal fuselage, feet dangling twelve thousand feet above the ground…

..a moment that required the suspension of reflective thinking, and the activation of courage, curiosity and pure physical action…

Dan Tandem Jump 2

..with only a few, very specific, movements of the body required…

Dan Tandem Jump 3

As we spiraled up into the sky and then plunged down through the atmosphere, I remember noticing how Sam, the tandem instructor, managed the whole process, how he focused my attention appropriately using a combination of direction and misdirection. It reminded me of what I do when I get novices up to do a public speech in front of a camera… except, yeah, it was a bit different too.  There wasn’t much time, mind you, to make a full and detailed comparison.

All I know is that about one minute before jumping, I was ready to quit.

Dan Tandem Jump 4

..and the moment we landed, I wanted to do it again…  AGAIN..!

Dan Tandem Jump 5

..and do it even better.


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  1. Haha, I am inbetween flights right now and wishing I had a cure for air turbulence jitters… but what is a the cure for jumping out of an airplane phobias??

    • Heh, well, it only counts as a phobia if the fear is irrational, right?
      I’d say it’s healthy to have a bit of fear… and even healthier to overcome that fear!

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