End of Day in New Zealand

New Zealand is vast and quiet, especially around sunset.

taupo sunset 1

“It’s a good life here,” I said to the grandmother, who was probably not much older than me, “You’re very lucky to live here.” 

“Yes we are,” she said proudly, “You know Lake Taupo is a crater of a giant volcano that exploded thousands and thousands of years ago? All of this nature, these geothermals, all of this is unique in the world and is Maori heritage.”

taupo sunset 2

Blacks swans — figuratively and literally– glided by, picking away at the shoreline.

We sat there silently… this woman, her daughter, her daughter’s two daughters, and me –the random passing-through tourist who was disoriented by the strange placement of the sun and moon in the sky and the unfamiliar evening star (planet?) in the distance.

Our backs faced the lake, its swans, and its sunset, so that our feet could soak in a hot spring.

taupo sunset 3

The boiling hot sulfuric water trickled out from the edge of the crater — the small cliff on the side of the beach — flowed over the black lava gravel/sand and gradually mixed into the accumulated thousands-and-thousands of years of rain waters of the lake.  At the exact spot where we were sitting it was at the ideal temperature to be a foot spa.

Further down the beach, a group of revellers attempted to prolong sunset with fiery batons, Polynesian style.

taupo sunset 4

Life thrives at the edge conditions, where light and darkness mix into each other, where the sacred and the profane are allowed to inhabit and augment each other.

taupo sunset 5


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