2014 Blog Self-assessment: Steering the Elephant

WordPress has released its annual report for all of us WP bloggers. The report now includes this neat little infographic,which is part calendar and part cardiogram:


My calendar-cardiogram of blog posts over the past 365 days indicates that, after a strong start in January and February, things quickly got dicey for me. As the month of May drew to a close I had to hunker down and go on life support, barely staying alive with a some brief blips of end-of-week postings. In fact, it looks like I may have temporarily flat-lined.

Thanks to the encouragement of others, and not a little bit of effort, I’m getting the heart rate going again.

My wish for the upcoming year is improved focus and prioritization of mental and emotional resources. For me and for everyone else in the world.

For example, try to read this piece by Clay Shirky in a single sitting, without getting distracted by anything else:


Could you do it?

Zhenyuan Silk Road ElephantDid you also catch the part about the elephant in the room?

That would be the metaphor of the elephant and the rider, as described in The Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt.

According to Haidt, our conscious mind is akin to a “rider” attempting to steer a much more powerful subconscious “elephant.”

Steering an elephant requires great skill and strategy.  Many a careless rider has been taken down the wrong path by an elephant. Or trampled.

2015 is a year where I will give more respect to the elephant within.

…and I hope we do a better job improving the situation of real world elephants, as well:

May we all do a better job protecting our resources in 2015, and choose wisely where to put our time, care and attention.


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