Pushing upwards

Post #9 of 27, revisiting and slightly refuting “The Zen of Exercise: Stop Counting Push-ups” with some inspiring videos:

30 Day Push Up Challenge – Day 30 by Alexia (Two Tough Sisters)

Notice how she pauses a bit as she approaches push-up #30… but does manage to push past #40. Ah the power of a number to motivate the mind over muscle.

Still need encouragement?  The good folks at #giveit100 have this very motivating piece for you:

Girl does push-ups for 100 days (time lapse)

GiveIt100 is a brilliant concept. People record themselves struggling to learn something for 100 days and build a virtual community around it.

Then again, perhaps you’ve done your 100 days already. In that case it’s time for you to level up:

How To Do Aztec Push Ups (Touch Your Toes In The Air) by Barstarzz

…and even after you’ve leveled up, remember:  there’s always more to learn.

Explosive Push Ups by Brendan Myers


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  1. More acrobatic push-ups here:

    Yes, it’s a video sub-genre.

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