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DanSpira_circle2Who Dan Is

Dan Spira’s passion and purpose is to help businesses and leaders achieve exceptional performance through their most important asset – their people.  He does this by serving as their executive coach, corporate trainer, talent development consultant, instructional designer, and trusted adviser.

Dan’s field of expertise is collaborating with some of the world’s top tier organizations and Fortune 500 companies to improve their human capital and talent through the development of winning professional skills, attitudes, and processes. Dan’s goal with every client is to unlock the potential within their senior leadership, management, and their teams to be more effective leaders and communicators, to handle and navigate the rapid pace of change, and to achieve sustainable business growth.

As an entrepreneurial executive with a strong creative focus, Dan has a depth  of experience in succeeding across multiple business silos and a solid foundation in enterprise-level competencies including sales, IT, finance, reporting, auditing, contracts, licensing, and governance.

Dan’s Resume

Dan Spira received his Bachelor of Science in Architecture from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and later went on to receive his Master of Education in Instructional Design from the University of Massachusetts Boston. Combining these degrees is what makes Dan unique in his professional pursuits; he is a business architect who leverages diverse hands-on skills and experience to help his clients identify, plan, and execute to their full potential.

Prior to his current role, Dan Spira spent over 12 years as an entrepreneur and independent consultant with a focus on the ever-expanding field of e-commerce and online marketing. Dan co-founded, successfully  grew, sold and managed the ownership transition Barewalls.com, a leading online store for art prints and posters. As COO and member of the Board of Directors of Barewalls.com, Dan’s accomplishments with the company include: building the profitable organization from the ground up, securing over $3 million in capital, and overseeing a staff of over 40 employees in 3 offices.

For more information about Dan, his clients, and the work he does for them, take a look at the services page and connect with him here: View Daniel Spira's profile on LinkedIn.  If you’ve enjoyed reading articles on this blog, please also send Dan a note via the contact page.

  1. I came here through a Google search on Managing in Tough Times as I am preparing a seminar on the subject. I find your post about the skyscraper in Taipei fascinatiing. GREAT material! Thanks.

    The video on the internet is also great. My 102 year old grandmother just asked me last weekend what the internet is. My, how times have changed in her lifetime.

  2. Have you ever considered adding more videos to your blog posts to keep the readers more entertained? I mean I just read through the entire article of yours and it was quite good but since I’m more of a visual learner.

    • Thanks for your feedback… and thanks for reading through an entire article..! I will take you advice and add more visuals to my posts… in fact, I’m currently travelling overseas so I may do a photo essay in the near future.

  3. So . . . I found your blog because I Googled “Ricola” . . . then I got hooked on your other readings. I hate blogs, so really I hate when I get hooked on one. Hopefully, you don’t go into a depression and abandon us like the only other blogger I followed (seriously hope she’s okay). Plus I like the fact that you actually know the original meaning of meme. I’m not really a Dawkins’ fan, but I’ll acknowledge he was right about a couple of things.

    Anywho, you’ve got a lot for me to read through, so I better get crack’n (TX term).

    • Thanks Sam — You win for best general comment to date.
      Looking forward to seeing more of your comments laced with TX-speak.
      This here blogger won’t abandon you, and thanks you for your encouragement… am now fixin’ ta get another post out, soon.

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