Which Dan Spira are you looking for?

This page contains a list of other people named “Dan Spira” or “Daniel Spira,” as it seemed only fair that this domain name not be entirely exclusive to one particular Dan Spira. Also, this sort of thing is in line with my completist tendencies and love of  wikipedia-esque original research.

I do not personally know any of the Dan Spiras listed on this page. Once in a while I’ve crossed paths with my these folks via phone, email or social media, but we’ve never met in person… and rest assured, I have no intention of stalking my doppelgängers.

(cf. the  “Are you Dave Gorman?” project by British comedian Dave Gorman — ht. MattL)

If your name is some variation of Daniel Spira, you’re invited to include, exclude or recommend edits to the listings and links on this page. Recognizing that this list can’t possibly stay current with the ever-changing online representations of people named Daniel Spira, there are also some search links included below.

 The Not-Quite-Complete List of Daniel Spiras

Daniel B. Spira – Editor at Your EDM, Baltimore, MD, USA

Daniel A. Spira – Associate at Sidley Austin LLP, Chicago, IL, USA

Dan Spira – Denver area, CO, USA

Daniel Spira – Radiology Specialist at the University Hospital of Heidelberg, Frankfurt Am Main, Germany

Dan T. Spira – Professor of Parasitology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Daniel Spira – Senior Modeling & Simulation Specialist at Pegasus Research and Technologies Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Dan Spira – Owner at Fix I.T. Computer Repair LLC, Muskegon, MI, USA

Dan Spira – Director of Business Engagement at Covance, New York, NY, USA

Daniel Spira – Actor, Somewhere

Dan Spira – Managing Director at Valeant Pharmaceuticals, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Dan Spira – Office Manager at Airbus France, Toulouse, France

Daniel Spira – Product Line Manager at AMETEK, Zürich, Switzerland


(12 doppelgängers total, sorted by alphabetically by city) 

Most current listings can be found here:

Google query: https://www.google.com/webhp?q=dan%20spira#q=dan+spira

LinkedIn query: https://www.linkedin.com/vsearch/f?type=all&keywords=dan+spira

Facebook query: https://www.facebook.com/search/str/dan%2520spira/users-named


The genesis of this list was a pair of conflicting feelings I felt back during the late 1990’s / early 2000’s dot-com land grab era of vanity domain names. On the one hand, I had a strong desire to own this URL — if I didn’t take it, someone else would!  (Spira.com had already been taken by one of the folks listed here… dammit.) On the other hand, I’ve always had a certain discomfort with idea of taking myself too seriously — that’s what happens when you grow up in Canada — and having my own .com seemed pretentious. So I resolved to grab the URL but also to one day carve out some space on this site devoted to other people with the same name as me, and who therefore shared a common neurological experience of personal name recognition.

Both the name ‘Spira’ and the word ‘doppelgängerare Germanic in origin… the former is derived from the city of Speyer, and the latter is often considered to be a harbinger of bad luck, possibly as some sort of matter-antimatter collision. Apparently some of us Dan Spiras have come dangerously close to making contact with each other by living in the same metro area. I think we can all each agree to maintain separate geographic territories, as well as separate slices of the Internet. In this way, we can each make known our presence while keeping the universe intact.

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