Instructor-led Training Workshops

With his unique combination of in-classroom delivery and instructional design experience for world class organizations, Dan Spira is perfectly positioned to be your partner of choice for curriculum design.

This page features a set of twelve “off the shelf” programs developed by Dan Spira that can be combined, extended or customized to suit the needs of any client or business unit. Each course comes with a complete set of facilitator and participant materials, as well as pre and post program components that support a”70/20/10″ curriculum integration.

By working with Dan Spira, you get instructional design that is…

  • Experiential – Less content, more application. Spira-designed workshops are engaging, multi-sensory and follow adult learning principles.
  • Practical – All the workshops use relevant business examples based on Spira’s experience with a broad range of corporate functions and industries across multiple regions and cultures.
  • Proven – Having delivered this content to literally thousands of people for nearly a decade, Dan understands how to make learning relevant and applicable.
  • Integrated with Online Resources – Each course includes a thoughtfully designed sequence of pre and post session activities, assignments and online resources. These components come as complete set and are complementary and mutually reinforcing.

“Off the Shelf” Courses designed by Dan Spira

  1. Communicating with Confidence
  2. Inspired Storytelling
  3. Executive Presence
  1. The Art of Influence & Persuasion
  2. Negotiate to Win
  3. Handling Difficult People & Conversations
  1. Coaching and Empowering Others
  2. Virtual and Cross-Cultural Collaboration
  3. Energizing Your Team
  1. Mastering Your Emotions Under Pressure
  2. Productivity & Time Management
  3. Innovation Lab: Unleash your Creativity


Program Descriptions

  1. Communicating with Confidence

Communication is the key element for success in any professional setting. The ability to present your ideas with confidence and assurance will put you in the right direction to reach your goals and achieve measurable results in your career. Learn how to structure your message effectively and deliver your ideas so they resonate with your audience, whether delivered in writing, over the phone or in person. Practice speaking in front of others to stretch public speaking muscles and gain natural confidence in your own unique delivery style.

You will be able to:

  • Deliver a persuasive message with confidence and assurance to a target audience.
  • Structure your communication for maximum impact in written and verbal form.
  • Prepare, rehearse and deliver an effective presentation.
  • Deploy communication techniques proven to help you get your message across clearly and precisely.
  • Tune into the communication styles of audience members to allow you to tailor your presentation accordingly.


  1. Inspired Storytelling

A long time ago, human beings discovered a powerful communication platform for recording and transmitting their memories, ideas and aspirations: they told great stories. In today’s age of information abundance, the art of storytelling has become more important than ever before. In this program you will learn how to transform pure facts into a captivating story that will entice your audience to learn more about your chosen subject. Compel people to listen to your message and inspire them to take action as a direct result of your creative narrative. Through the power of the spoken word, you can guide people through a journey of positive change and move them toward a new destination.

You will be able to:

  • Use storytelling to deliver powerful, persuasive messages that drive specific actions.
  • Structure stories that resonate with a wide range of audiences in a corporate environment.
  • Organize the facts, data and content of your stories in a memorable and mesmerizing manner.
  • Practice the art of telling a spellbinding story with the power both to entertain and influence.


  1. Executive Presence

Confident, authentic, polished, poised – these are the traits of a leader who inspires followers. Executive Presence is an advanced course for experienced professionals who seek to become more influential and persuasive in formal and informal presentations and interpersonal communications. You will learn to effectively tailor your message so that you can connect with people on a deeper level. Through specially designed exercises, activities and one-on-one coaching exercises with an experienced trainer, you will strengthen your verbal and non-verbal “delivery muscles,” allowing you to create a memorable experience and lasting impression.

You will be able to:

  • Refine your unique personal style and natural voice to reflect the “best version of yourself.”
  • Connect and build rapport with audiences in high-stakes situations.
  • Manage your physical presence so that it is congruent with the strength and intent of your messages.
  • Explore factors that motivate people to act and discover ways to compel others toward tangible action.


  1. The Art of Influence & Persuasion

Influence is the art of getting others to do what you want… for their own reasons. If you want your recommendations to be implemented more often by clients, colleagues, or other stakeholders within your organization, this program is for you. In this program, you will discover strategies for building your influence and political capital. Using proven psychological techniques of persuasion, you will empower yourself and secure agency to enact your ideas and initiatives.

You will be able to:

  • Analyze and assess your stakeholder and decision-making landscape.
  • Build credibility with stakeholders and manage the impressions you make on others.
  • Connect with people on a deeper level and establish meaningful trust.
  • Delve into the process of making a decision and learn what drives people to act.
  • Convey your ideas clearly and with impact.
  • Gain commitment from stakeholders toward backing your initiatives and projects.


  1. Negotiate to Win

Negotiation begins sooner than most people think, and often reaches its inevitable end before they realize it. This practical, hands-on workshop offers proven techniques and opportunities to practice multiple negotiation styles in a variety of scenarios, helping you retain a sense of assurance and confidence with other negotiating parties, even if you are on unequal footing. You will become more strategic in planning for an upcoming negotiation and more effective in your ability to successfully execute the negotiation for a favorable outcome. This program also teaches you to glean insights into your counterpart and strategically adapt your style to gain control over bargaining and trade concessions.

You will be able to:

  • Maintain confidence in a variety of negotiation scenarios with different stakeholders, even under pressure.
  • Achieve your desired outcome while maintaining the quality of your relationship with the other party, so that everyone feels positive about the agreement reached.
  • Keep your cool and maintain the upper hand in a negotiation where an imbalance of power exists.
  • Determine practical moves that will result in an ideal outcome for all parties.
  • Plan for a forthcoming negotiation so you have a coherent strategy and smart approach in place to execute it.


  1. Handling Difficult People & Conversations

Careers and reputations can be built or destroyed depending on how challenging situations are handled. When you find yourself encountering a difficult person or conversation, it is imperative to maintain a delicate balance between being assertive while also preserving the quality of your relationship with that person, whom inevitably you will encounter in the future. By having empathy into why a difficult person is acting a certain way, and using appropriate verbal tactics, you can diffuse a potential conflict before it occurs.  In this workshop you will practice “lion-taming” skills and learn how to ensure the outcome of a challenging situation resolves in your favor.

You will be able to:

  • Recognize tricky behaviors or character traits and have a plan of action for how to deal with them.
  • Use a range of practical strategies for handling difficult and disruptive behaviors in a variety of settings.
  • Identify your personal conflict preferences and be more flexible in your approach in different situations.
  • Harness the power of a challenging person or situation as an opportunity for growth.


  1. Coaching and Empowering Others

In business, the capability to coach someone to reach their “full potential” is a vital skill not only for leaders and managers but also for employees at all levels. The skills of coaching can be widely applied to get the best out of peers and colleagues in a variety of situations e.g. working with project team members, consulting with clients, managing upwards, leading teams and developing others. This course gives you the tools and strategies to successfully coach people to achieve exceptional results.

You will be able to:

  • Engage in a coaching situation with confidence, to help people to achieve their best performance.
  • Identify opportunities to coach and recognize when not to coach.
  • Create individual coaching plans for your teams, regardless of your role/title.
  • Integrate coaching into your day-to-day job.
  • Build a coaching culture with your teams that creates an atmosphere of continuous improvement.


  1. Virtual and Cross-Cultural Collaboration

It is an increasing reality of business that we do our work in collaboration with clients and colleagues located in different geographic regions. When working in a virtual or remote team environments, we must have the ability to successfully navigate potential barriers to communication such as time zones, language, technology and regional/cultural differences. This dynamic and practical course explores proven strategies and best practices for maximizing the benefits of virtual and remote collaboration.

You will be able to:

  • Identify and overcome the challenges for groups when they are not in close proximity to each other.
  • Implement strategies to build trust amongst a virtual or remote team.
  • Communicate effectively using different technologies.
  • Develop techniques to improve performance and communication across cultures.
  • Demonstrate cultural awareness and sensitivity.


  1. Energizing Your Team

The overall motivation and success of your team is directly linked to your ability as a leader to spark their energy and ignite their passion. In this course, you will discover methods of inspiring your team that will empower them to achieve better results by tapping into their natural strengths and applying energy toward reaching and exceeding their goals. Unlock the intrinsic motivators that generate commitment and drive your team to reach greater success.

You will be able to:

  • Assess your strengths as a leader and more effectively manage your interactions with others.
  • Identify and leverage the intrinsic motivators of your team members to drive improved performance.
  • Build an empowered and committed team culture that sustains higher levels of effort and motivation.
  • Energize and inspire your team as their trusted and respected leader.


  1. Mastering your Emotions under Pressure

In business and in life, we are rewarded for our ability to operate under less-than-ideal circumstances.  Learn the art of mastering your emotions when the stakes are high, and you will in turn take control over the entire trajectory of your career. Here is your opportunity to develop the steady reserve that people universally admire in others and strive for in their own lives.

You will be able to:

  • Demonstrate consistent self-awareness and self-control in potentially stressful conditions.
  • Handle challenges and unexpected variables with grace, overcoming challenges to achieve positive outcomes.
  • Follow through on stated objectives, exceed expectations you set for yourself and achieve your business goals.
  • Bring more discipline into your daily role – break bad habits such as procrastination and disorganization.
  • Connect good on-the-job behaviors to your personal world to achieve consistency and alignment across all aspects of your life.


  1. Productivity & Time Management

Your time is the most valuable asset you have, so learn to allocate it wisely. This course will teach you the skills, processes, habits and mindset to manage your time for maximum efficiency and productivity. Work smarter, not harder.

You will be able to:

  • Use a range of proven strategies to get the most out of your time.
  • Reframe or refocus your mindset for better allocation of your energy.
  • Recognize the times of day when you are naturally most productive for different task types.
  • Work more effectively with people who are on different schedules.
  • Prioritize activities, learn to tactfully say “no” to the non-essentials, and enlist others to help you.
  • Balance minor tasks with larger endeavors to achieve your short term and long term goals.


  1. Innovation Lab: Unleash your Creativity

When facing a tough problem or challenge, the creative process is a powerful technique that can lead you to innovative solutions for complex problems. In this course, you will discover how various interactions with your environment can help break patterns of traditional ways of thinking, so you can move past complacency and uncover creative solutions.

You will be able to:

  • Observe creative stimuli that surround you and apply your observations to problem-solving techniques.
  • Determine when to tackle challenges on your own using the creative process, or when to take a collaborative approach through a variety of group brainstorming approaches.
  • Use pattern-breaking techniques proven to spark “out of the box” thinking and launch the creative process.
  • Apply design thinking techniques in order to foster innovation and improvements in products and processes.
  • Build your “creative muscles” and become more adept at facilitating new ideas from others.
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